Whitaker Farm Fresh Market

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Whitaker Farm Fresh Market is reminiscent of an old-fashioned country store. It is a family owned and operated business striving to combine personal service and quality at an affordable price. Our store can be divided into three product lines: Local Foods, Organic Foods, and Bulk Foods.

Local Foods

There are numerous benefits of eating local food. Above all, the food is fresh. Food that has traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles cannot possibly be considered fresh. And when it is grown in healthy, mineral-rich soil and picked at the peak of ripeness, local food offers numerous nutritional advantages. In addition, buying local food supports local farmers.  There are numerous personal and social benefits associated with supporting local growers who care for the soil and follow responsible production practices. Stop in and get some local beef, pork, chicken, dairy products, kim chi, popcorn, honey, and more.  

Organic Foods

Mass production has gone far beyond automobiles and furniture! The old family farm has been widely replaced by large corporations that mass produce the world's food supply. The health repercussions of the chemicals and genetically modified seeds that make this possible are only beginning. We offer you over 30 products that are GMO- and chemical-free.  

Bulk Foods

Like to cook from scratch?  We have everything you need for your favorite recipes. Additionally, our bulk food selection includes some fun things like candy, trail mix, and snacks! Many of our customers have also noticed that some of our dried fruit is extremely fresh; stop in today for the freshest raisins in town!